Fairtrade In One Word: Aloha

To celebrate Fair Trade Month, we asked the brands we work with to share what Fairtrade means to them in one word. Tag Aloha chose the word – Aloha. Here is a guest post on why Fairtrade is core to their culture and their business model.

There is no better way to describe the spirit of Hawai‘i than with the word “Aloha”. Aloha is the fresh breath of peace you breathe in as you first touch down in the island chain. It is the loving care that connects people to land, and land to ocean, and the understanding that all are connected. It is the kindness that brings together people from around the world, with different thoughts and different stories, to coexist equally and without harm. And it is the commitment passed by one generation to the next to leave the world better off than we found it.

Tag Aloha is founded on this collective spirit, and a mission to create products rooted in aloha from seed to store. From our use of organic cotton grown and handpicked in India, to buying from farmers working livable hours and paid fair wages, providing a sustainable livelihood for everyone in the manufacturing process, to selling in stores that give back to Hawai‘i’s local community, our Fairtrade certification is a commitment to our customers and our planet to make the world a better place with every product sold.

By becoming Fairtrade certified, our dream to share Hawai‘i’s culture and lifestyle with our customers has transformed into our ability to create a ripple effect of aloha worldwide. Alongside our customers, we are empowering fathers to put food on the table, children to get an education, mothers to start a business, and communities to come together to grow and thrive. We believe that through quality products made with honesty, fairness, and love, we can weave the world together with aloha.

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