Hawai‘i’s Only Fairtrade Certified Business Shares How Fairtrade Sourcing Captures the Spirit of Aloha

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October 15, 2019

Honolulu, HITag Aloha, Hawai‘i’s only local, Fairtrade certified business, is featured among top Fairtrade businesses from across the country in recognition of October as Fairtrade Month. Tag Aloha secured its Fairtrade certification earlier this year, following a thorough review of its supply chain to ensure its products are ethically sourced and produced by workers paid a fair wage. In a blog post published by Fairtrade America, the Kailua-founded company shared how the word “Aloha” inspires its advocacy for Fairtrade business worldwide:

“Tag Aloha is founded on a mission to create products rooted in aloha from seed to store. From our use of organic cotton grown and handpicked in India, to buying from farmers working livable hours and paid fair wages, providing a sustainable livelihood for everyone in the manufacturing process, to selling in stores that give back to Hawai‘i’s local community, our Fairtrade certification is a commitment to our customers and our planet to make the world a better place with every product sold. By becoming Fairtrade certified, our dream to share Hawai‘i’s culture and lifestyle with our customers has transformed into our ability to create a ripple effect of aloha worldwide,” said Tag Aloha’s founders, Alana Penaroza and AJ White.

To read Tag Aloha’s blog post titled, “Fairtrade In One Word: Aloha”, click here: http://fairtradeamerica.org/Media-Center/Blog/2019/October/Aloha.

Fairtrade America said, “Tag Aloha is deeply committed to sourcing Fairtrade certified cotton for all their product offerings. While they could have chosen to manufacture bags and not question the supply chain and conditions behind their product, they did not choose the easy route. They took the extra steps and investment to align Tag Aloha as part of a global movement making trade fair. Tag Aloha’s supply chain complies with the most rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards set by Fairtrade International. They are part of a global movement that supports 1.7 million farmers and workers globally. Just through a simply Fairtrade mark on Tag Aloha’s bags, consumers are able to align their values with their

purchasing power, knowing they are also part of creating a world that respects farmers and workers globally.”

About Tag Aloha:

Founded in Kailua in 2013, Tag Aloha creates organic cotton, Fairtrade beach bags and accessories inspired by Hawai‘i’s people and culture. Tag Aloha is one of the exclusive creators of Whole Foods Hawai‘i’s iconic organic cotton canvas bags found in its stores across the state, along with its line of Tag Aloha products found at Honolulu International Airport, Kahului Airport, and other local business on Oʻahu and Maui. Tag Aloha was recently recognized by Pacific Business News’ 2019 Business Leadership Awards as one of Hawai‘i’s Top Small Business Leaders.

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